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As a woman…have you ever said or heard these statements from your girl friends?

  • “The male mind is a complete mystery to me.”
  • “How I can really approach men? I feel like I have to wait around for them. I don’t get how I can be confident and assertive without losing my femininity and appearing aggressive or domineering.”
  • “I wish I could find a good guy. Are there really any left?”
  • “It’s hard to be vulnerable and put myself out there since I have been burned so many times by men in the past.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of wasting time on the wrong men!”

I get it. I understand women’s challenges and frustration with what’s going on today because I hear these comments from my girl friends…all…the…time.

I have many different and diverse groups of girl friends, and I hear pretty much the same things over…and…over…and…over again about dating and relationships.

Dating and relationships are like a minefield. And to make it worse, there isn’t some quick and easy manual to navigate it.

Over the years, I’ve seen that women get overwhelmed with all the relationship misinformation they’re constantly bombarded with from women’s magazines, talk shows, celebrity advice, reality programming, “advice” books, and shoddy dating services.

Listening to so much contradictory information can be paralyzing because it is hard to decipher what work and what doesn’t work. Brilliant and beautiful women who are succeeding in all other parts of their lives can find it challenging to get into a stable relationship because of all the silly junk they’ve had to wade through in their search for some straightforward, real information and an approach that actually works.

But imagine if you had the understanding, and knew what to do to get what you truly wanted…

  • What if you had the confidence to approach men and your assertiveness was very attractive to them? What if you saw that man at the coffee shop, restaurant and bar…and knew exactly what to do so he would contact you? It’s much easier and simpler than what you think. Some men like assertive women, some don’t. You can learn to spot to both.
  • What if you stopped waiting around the right guy to magically show up, and you just found him? How long has what you are doing been not working? 3,5, 10…15 years? What’s your “Plan B?” You’ve been waiting for…no…good…reason. The world doesn’t operate like 1950. You have to take control of your dating and relationships. The only question…HOW.
  • What if you had your life all together and had everything handled in your life (may be for the first time)? People who have a ton of baggage, a lot of frustrations, insecurities, low self-esteem, etc. attract those same people. That’s not what you want. You deserve better. So mastering your mindset and psychology it is a critical component of this process.
  • What if you knew the places to go and meet hundreds incredible and exceptional men every month? And it was much easier and less time that you spending right now? The only questions are…WHERE and WHAT do I do when I get to these places?
  • What if you were struggling from a breakup and you knew know how to get past it? I’ve got a simple, quick exercise to get you moving forward and embracing your incredible future. It’s time to leave your past and negativity behind!
  • What if you knew you were in the right relationship? What if you knew the questions you needed to ask yourself and your partner so you don’t waste your life in a relationship that isn’t right for you?
  • What if you knew the warning signals early on in dating so you wouldn’t waste your time? What if you knew what to look for and what questions to ask? Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time and potential heartache?

My passion is helping women to get the knowledge and develop the skill sets to get what they want in their lives. I’ll empower and motivate you…along with a major dose of optimism.


I coach women who are smart, educated, and successful in the careers (or on the way!). These women are tired of being plagued by dating and relationship problems. They feel burnt out by the disappearing, non-committal men, along with the fleeting, unsatisfying hook-ups, and overall the self-doubt, and the uncertainty they feel inside. They are exhausted and sick of people telling them: “Don’t worry, it will happen.” They want to take charge and do something, they just aren’t sure of what or how to do it.

That’s what I do.

I listen.

Then I tailor each program specifically to the needs of that person, and I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. I give you “tough love” when needed and support you all along the way. I won’t let your “old stories” hold you back. I won’t let you fail.

The breakthroughs and results happen fast…and the changes will be obvious.

Here are some of the areas I cover with women:

  • Creating a vision of what you want to create in your love life
  • Becoming a less emotional problem-solver
  • Moving beyond obstacles, perceived limitations, negativity and frustrations
  • Getting clarity on who you are and what you’re really looking for
  • Understanding failures, wrong turns, and disappointments are critical to get you where you want to go, and not something negative
  • Developing next level skills to meet men and interact with them in a new way
  • Tapping into the power into direct and indirect networks to make new connections with men
  • Finding the best places to meet men
  • Creating a new way to “date” and attract man naturally
  • Develop extraordinary social, communication and emotional skills
  • Being authentic, vulnerable and generous in your interactions
  • And much more!

There are a lot of intelligent, successful,relationship-oriented men out there for you. It’s important to find the best man suited for you, and the man you want. 

I’m here to cover every single aspect of dating and relationships so you can create the love and relationship you desire and deserve. 

You won’t have to ask your girl friends their best guess on what men are thinking anymore…you will know!

You have doctors for your health, trainers to help you get a great body, and a dentist to keep your teeth straight and white. Why wouldn’t you want a guide and support system (someone who has been there and is in the trenches right now) to help you with the most important area of your life?

If you ready to get what you want in your love life…

Let’s talk and create a plan to get you the life you want.

The price? There are several affordable coaching packages available depending upon your commitment to yourself.

Regardless, of the price, you’re worth it, aren’t you?

It’s time to go for it! Contact me and let’s start making progress on your dreams, goals and desires.

When we talk, there’s one thing clients have told me. Not to boast, but I have strongly developed intuition. And you’ll finally, maybe for the first time, feel free to discuss the things that are most important to you.

I encourage you to experience what intuitive coaching can do for you. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll know if I’m the right coach for what you want to accomplish in your career and life.

Contact me now at to schedule a complimentary 30 minute coaching session where we can discuss your particular needs.

Dating and Relationship Coaching

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