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I also have a best selling book, “Jump Start Your Social Life: How to Create a Great Social Life in 30 Days or Less.” The book was based on my coaching two people moving to another major city for great career opportunities and them having to start from scratch socially (friendships, dating, etc.). In less than three months, they created incredible lives and much, much better than the cities they lived in for more then 30 years. And the knowledge they gained from coaching with me also helped them be much more successful in their careers. I share the key steps that anyone can do in any city. Go to Amazon to learn more, and read a free chapter.

Social Wealth: How to Create Rich, Rewarding Relationships that Last a Lifetime


Isn’t that what everyone wants… isn’t that what everyone CRAVES?

No one wants to go it alone. To live their life like Tom Hanks in Castaway. On a deserted island with your best friend a soccer ball named Wilson.

No one wants to be lonely. No one wants to be left out and not belong.


Connection… belonging… it’s part of being human. We’re social by nature. We do our best work collaboratively. We experience our greatest joys together.

But I get it. Life can be pretty darn lonely at times.

Holidays, vacations, special once-in-lifetime moments alone? Instead of sharing them with others?

It hurts.

It really hurts. I know this from personal experience.

Wired into our DNA is a social gene. You see it exist everywhere in nature – bees, ants, elephants, birds…

We NEED social interaction. We crave it. It’s a biological necessity.

Unfortunately, we don’t come with an owner’s manual. When we’re born, we don’t get a free ticket to a Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People course.

Instead, people spend their entire lives trying to figure out how to socially interact with each other. To create lasting friendships… romantic relationships… business partners… I could go on.

Unfortunately, people will do practically anything to fill the empty, lonely space inside themselves. They’ll do anything to “fit in.”

Just to be a part of something.

But as we all know, trying to fit in is inauthentic. It’s fake. And people sense it.

Which leads me to why I wrote this book for both women and men…and the immediate impact it will make on your personal and professional life.

Extraordinary: The Art of the Exceptional Life (Fall 2014)

Her life was falling apart as the hot tears streamed down her face.

Her husband of 3 years left her, her marriage crumbling into divorce. She hated her job. Her parents had lost faith in her. Lifelong friendships were now a distant memory.


That was the sound of Sara’s life hitting rock bottom.

Sara was desperate to find any way out of her plight. Fear, her constant companion.

As I sat there listening to her, I had a lump in my throat and thought to myself, “How in the world am I going to give this poor woman the hope and courage to take the leap of faith to believe in herself again?”

And then I remembered, my “rock.”

I could feel my heart beating faster, palms sweaty, as I took a quick sip of water before I spoke. “Sara, it’s time you started living YOUR truth. Unleash the passion I know that’s inside of you. It’s time for you to let the world see the extraordinary person you really are.”

And on that day, Sara made a decision and reclaimed her life. Never looking back again.

You see, transformation CAN be simple.

With the strategies you hold in your hands right now, being extraordinary can become effortless.

The results you create are cumulative, building on top of each other over time.

This is all possible because everyone is extraordinary inside. Everyone has the extraordinary gene.

I truly believe that and I hope you do too.

Sometimes, you just need someone like me to help bring it out of you. My ability to do this has been one of the true gifts in my life.

It all starts with mastering your psychology and emotions, along with stacking simple yet extraordinary habits, one on top of another.

If you follow the program I lay out in this book, like Sara did, you will make massive progress and grow quickly.

Once you get going, you’ll have so much momentum, it’ll be practically impossible for you to stop! 

This book is the starting point for anyone that wants to lead exceptional life.

I’ve figured out both the science and art of transformation. I’ve spent the last decade creating a system that helps men and women around the world create lives they love and deserve.

With the tools they learn from me, they reignite the passion, creativity and excitement that’s been missing.

These tools can do the same for you.

This isn’t some quick fix, manipulative process, or some magical panacea for everything. But trust me, your life WILL start getting better… maybe for the first time.

BUTIf you don’t change what’s between your ears, and what you feel in your heart… no change will last.

Remember that last diet you were on? Remember the last New Year’s resolution you made to yourself? It didn’t happen or didn’t last, did it?

I know why.

I’ve heard all the stories. Candidly, I lived the stories as you’ll discover in this book.

But don’t worry. I will show you the 11 simple steps to begin YOUR new journey.

I’ve mastered transformation and I can teach you how as well. If you want to learn.

But breakthroughs only happen to people that take action. Massive action.

NOW is the time to take control, and take YOUR LIFE to the next level.

Close your eyes… right now… and see yourself claiming your life back and living it on your terms. To the fullest.

Ask yourself…

How bad do you really want this new, extraordinary life?

Here are just a few things you’ll learn from me in this book:

  • Master your mind, psychology, emotions, and habits to get what you truly want, crushing any obstacles in your way
  • Unleash your passion to feel truly alive, motivated, and energized so you can take the steps necessary to finally break through what’s holding you back
  • Attract the people you want into your life, creating remarkable lifelong relationships in the process
  • Identify limiting beliefs and finally break through your fears, leaving your past behind
  • Create a life plan to build unbreakable confidence, absolute certainty, laser focus, and crystal clear clarity
  • Forever shed the victim mindset, becoming the victor in your own life story
  • Use your God-given gifts and talents to help other people along your journey, feeling fulfilled like never before

Is this all possible?

YES! And more! All it takes the step-by-step plan you have in your hands and the willingness to at least try.

Just start with small steps.