The BeExtraordinary Podcast Show is focused on bringing the people that are making an extraordinary difference in the world and changing the rules. Each episode, I interview and deconstruct world-class experts, entrepreneurs, and people making a difference in the world from areas business, art,  self development, leadership, dating, relationships, wealth building, etc., to find the tools, strategies and tactics, you can use to create extraordinary relationships and an exceptional life. I’ve already recorded more than a dozen interviews and have some very exciting guests I will be interviewing shortly.

And also tell me which guests I should have on!

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
4 Mastering the Art of Change, Leo Babauta’s New Book, Zen Habits (Video & Podcast) 11/19/2014
2 Brad Feld, StartUp Advice For Entrepreneurs 08/31/2014
1 Amy Patterson, Changing the Face of Cancer With “My Little Waiting Room” 08/26/2014