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Clients Praise

“Your insights, wisdom, empathy and advice has changed my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you!” Sara | Dallas

“Jason gets ‘women’ better than any woman I’ve known. He has a gift of understanding your challenges, giving you the right advice at the right time, and motivating you to create the life you love!” Allison | Dallas

“There are a lot of self-help books that will have one or may be two solid helpful nuggets of insights or advice.  This book is filled with them.  His genuine enthusiasm for wanting to help people enrich their lives comes through on every page.  Jason Treu not only provides insights into how to make relationships better, but also actionable advice.” Michelle Raab | U.S

I love your work!  I have used your advice to really open up my world and I thank you for that! Your words, exercises and advice helped me relax, open up to others and not take everything so personal. For example, people told meI appeared rude in public because I always looked so distant when talking to others, but using the techniques I learned from you helped me create the more positive and friendly vibe that was there but never showed.  Once I practiced the awkward away, doors opened up for me!” Joy | New Jersey

“I have the privilege of working with Jason one on one through the coaching sessions he offers. In our first session he helped guide me through one of the toughest decisions of my life. The advice he gives comes from years of experience and also comes from the heart. He genuinely wants to see his clients succeed and has the knowledge to help take any area of your life to the next level. I will continue to work with Jason for as long as I can and I will recommend his coaching to anyone.” Mike Y. | New Jersey

“I love reading your work and working with you. You uplift me and help change my life and so many other people!” Thy | Dallas

“You’ve helped me so much already. Thank you for being you.” Elizabeth R. | Chicago

“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Jason on a couple of important aspects of my life/business. I found the coaching session insightful and empowering. Jason truly understands and embodies his works and teaching. Highly recommend his coaching/training for anyone who wants to propel their life/business forward.” Mohammed Faris | Dallas

I‘ve read Social Wealth and I found it inspiring. I like the simple nature of the content given that it could be so easy to get bogged down in over analysis, which I‘m sure people end up using as a defense and excuse for hiding away. By applying the techniques in your book I‘ve seen instant results.” Adrian Smith | U.S.

“Jason is a fantastic coach! Next week I’m going to have a network meeting with one of the most successful businessmen in Norway. And this is just the beginning. Please don’t ask Jason for advice if you are not prepared to have endless opportunities.” Arnstein | Norway

“Jason is an awesome coach. I recommend you get coaching with him ASAP.” Daniel |Germany

client praise testimonial

“As my goal, I want to learn how to have better communication and be a leader. I am reading his book “Social Wealth” and finding so many wonderful tips. I love it! You are awesome, Jason!” Annie | U.S.

“It’s definitely worth coaching with Jason, he has a ton of info to share! It has changed my life and helped me take action and follow my dreams. I’ve gotten out of my rut to make real progress very quickly.” Matthew | United Kingdom

“A huge thank you to Jason for a great coaching session yesterday! Your wisdom, insight and energy will make a big difference in my life…thanks champ!!” Martin | United Kingdom

“Guys coaching with Jason has been incredibly valuable for me! I’m now starting to manifest at an incredible pace and I know that I have just barely scratched the surface. Jason has already been on the same journey and always comes up with creative solutions to any challenges you may have. He is extremely supportive and patient, yet keeps you accountable and helps you achieve your goals quickly. If you have reached a plateau like I had before, Jason will help you blast through it and you don’t have to wait around because waiting is a waste of time. So, go for it NOW!” Parshuram | San Francisco

“Thank you for opening my eyes every time I shut them. It means so much to keep being reminded again and again that things don’t have to be this way. They can be so much better and you don’t need to buy fancy clothes and an awesome haircut and all that other bullshit to make it all happen. So thank you! Thanks for everything that you do because without you I know for a fact that a lot of us wouldn’t even be aware that any of this was possible. Everyday I wake up I feel so grateful to have access to this kind of information. So again, thank you!” Marion | New York City 

client praise testimonial

“Jason Treu thanks for the awesome coaching. I’m so inspired and revved up, ready to take MASSIVE action.” Troy | Texas

“I’ve also received coaching from Jason (and still do) and it is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s fantastic and gets results fast in every area of your life!People should go on a coaching weekend because it will provide you with opportunities learn in a supportive structure and get feedback. I will go again because coaching weekends build on themselves and there is always much to be learned and practiced. Once you’ve had the time to let it soak in and work in your own settings, attending another coaching weekend will allow you to correct any bad habits developed and strengthen what you are doing right.” Rex | Texas

“I’m posting some feedback on the two coaching weekends that I attended, along with moving to Dallas to take massive action. I made huge progress in only one and a half months using help that I got from with Jason. It completely changed my life and I would have never made the progress I have in as short of time. It is simply amazing. I’ve tried many other coaches and not even close to the results I’ve received. Jason’s coaching was the best. It’s changed my future, my relationships with my family, and created a whole new mindset.” 

Medi | California  


“Amazing, this coaching really helps me push onto much higher levels. The coaching definitely helped me to clarify many things. I can feel the transformation in me and its not over.”

Pol | Europe

“Coaching with Jason was a very positive experience for me. You realize what next level is and what is possible.” Ian | California

“Just did coaching with Jason. Man, this guy does not kid around. He was all about delivering as much content and value tailored specific to me, as possible within in session. Even when I sometimes drifted into fluff talk to take a breather, he’d drag me right back in to the pertinent topics. Thanks so much Jason and also for your responses to the questions I had on certain topics through email.” Kevin | Chicago

“I recommend getting coaching from Jason. It was totally worth it. He helped me jumpstart my social life/social circles. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of building a strong social network and gave me the steps to do it right. He answered all my questions, recommended great outside reading, and was also super nonjudgmental about the areas where I was having difficulties. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in the real world because he built his life brick by brick and he shared each step. He proved himself to be a high quality, caring guy.” Dan | Chicago