Social Wealth: How to Create Rich, Rewarding Relationships that Last a Lifetime


Isn’t that what everyone wants… isn’t that what everyone CRAVES?

No one wants to go it alone. To live their life like Tom Hanks in Castaway. On a deserted island with your best friend a soccer ball named Wilson.

No one wants to be lonely. No one wants to be left out and not belong.


Connection… belonging… it’s part of being human. We’re social by nature. We do our best work collaboratively. We experience our greatest joys together.

But I get it. Life can be pretty darn lonely at times.

Holidays, vacations, special once-in-lifetime moments alone? Instead of sharing them with others?

It hurts.

It really hurts. I know this from personal experience.

Wired into our DNA is a social gene. You see it exist everywhere in nature  bees, ants, elephants, birds…

We NEED social interaction. We crave it. It’s a biological necessity.

Unfortunately, we don’t come with an owner’s manual. When we’re born, we don’t get a free ticket to a Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People course.

Instead, people spend their entire lives trying to figure out how to socially interact with each other. To create lasting friendships… romantic relationships… business partners… I could go on.

Unfortunately, people will do practically anything to fill the empty, lonely space inside themselves. They’ll do anything to “fit in.”

Just to be a part of something.

But as we all know, trying to fit in is inauthentic. It’s fake. And people sense it.

Which leads me to why I wrote this book.

I believe… and hopefully you do too… in the extraordinary power of authentic, honest relationships. I believe enough to make learning how to create and maintain strong social bonds and connections a lifelong process.

Just ask Derrick.

Early on in life, as early as high school, he felt isolated. Alone, with no options.

Now at 27, he didn’t have any “real” friends. It’s not that he didn’t try. He would just go from one failed relationship to another.

He had a decent job. But he was just going through the motions at work.

He’d come home every night, eat, watch TV, and follow the same routine until the weekend came. It was a never ending, vicious cycle…a human hamster wheel.

His life was slipping away…day…by…day. And he knew it.

We’ve all seen friends and family like Derrick.

Derrick came to me and said, “My life sucks. It’s broken. I feel like I’m alone…and I am. Can you help me, Jason?”

With as much conviction as I could muster, I told him this:

“In the end, life comes down to learning how to really connect with another person. In the process, you get the most juice out of each other. Whether that’s love, wealth, friendship… you can have whatever it is you want. If you want the kind of a rich, rewarding life you desire and deserve, you have to learn what it takes to create extraordinary relationships, to take a small amount of action, and have a little bit of courage. Are you ready and willing to do this?”

Quietly, almost under his breath, he whispered “Yes. I’m ready.”

And, the rest was history.

After I shared with him the same strategies you’re about to read in this book, he turned his life around 180 degrees…

  • He started a seven-figure dream business and became not just successful, but mega-successful.
  • Women were attracted to him and he found the proverbial woman of dreams.
  • He built a new core group of fantastic friends.
  • And improved his physical health.

At first, it wasn’t easy. Nothing is. But he made it happened.

How did he do it?

Using the same strategies you now hold in your hands right now. Strategies that have created friendship… love… romance… connection… bonding and even financial wealth.

You too can do this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman.

Ten years ago, I did it. I moved to Dallas from San Francisco, totally alone. (Except for my two dogs, Glenda and Napoleon.) Not knowing a soul in the city. (Except for my Mom. But she wasn’t all that helpful.)

Today, unbelievably I have a network of 15,000 friends, acquaintances and business associates in and around Dallas. And even more around the world.

These are real live people, not fake Facebook friends you buy for $20.

I have amazing people that love and care about me…that have my back, and I’d do anything for them. It’s opened up limitless possibilities and dreams for me.

And a network like this can do amazing things for you and your business too. With this book in your hands or on your Kindle, you can’t help but attract friends, romantic partners and business associates like a ultra-powerful magnet.

What I have come to learn is that ultimately all of life… all success… all failure… all emotions even… ultimately boil down to one word…


Relationships are THE GATEWAY to having an extraordinary personal and professional life.

That’s what Derrick discovered. That’s what others have discovered too who have read this book, taken it to heart and put its breakthrough strategies into action.

With this book in your hands, you can have it all if you want it.

For a moment imagine you’re Derrick. And you finally have the life and relationships you want. And you feel so good, you can’t help but inspire others along the way.

Is THAT a life worth living?

Heck yeah, it is.

This may sound a bit bold, but I believe I’ve developed the most complete yet effortless system for building extraordinary personal and professional relationships on the planet. I’ve interviewed thousands of people, tons of relationship experts, and uncovered THE one success-certain pattern that all massively popular people use.

If you commit for just 30 days to the simple process detailed in this book, you won’t fail. You can’t fail.

Every single person that has gone through this process has created multiple extraordinary relationships and taken their life to entirely new levels–in very short periods of time.

You can too.

In this bestselling relationship book, you’ll learn:

  • The powerful, life-changing “Social Wealth Mindset™”…
  • Scientifically-proven human behavior insights…
  • Develop essential social and communication skills…and…
  • Create a “real world” social media plan to put it all together for your personal and professional life.

Then it just comes down to a little action, practice, commitment and patience.

If you have questions or want guidance, I’m here to help you. I got your back. You can feel free to contact me at

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Let people know what you got out of it. Let people know the results you’ve achieved and experienced. Let people know how your life has changed as a result of this book.

In closing, isn’t it time you stopped settling and finally got what you desired and deserved when it comes to dating, romance, business, family, friends and more? Go ahead and take the next step. Turn the page and let’s get started.


Here are some early reviews…

1. By Clay Hardy 
“I just read Jason Treu’s new book and I can honestly say it is the most informative and comprehensive book on socializing, building relationships and having true happiness that is out there. This book is jam packed with researched and well thought out ideas and concepts as well as real techniques that are outlined clearly on how to make success inevitable. Definitely a book I will be reading many more times.”

2. By Matias Pihlquist
“While your relationships are the foundation for a meaningful life this book covers so much more, it’s about creating immense value for yourself and others that allow you to get the most out of this life time, realize your dreams and at the same time impact other human beings in a very positive and inspiring way. It’s is a practical, to-the-point guide without any annoying filler, very rare these days.Jason lays it all out there, pretty much step-by-step, and the only thing required of you is to take action, do the exercises and implement the concepts in your daily life. Unlike nearly all other material on these subjects Jason’s advice is coming 100% from real life experience. He is living this life and has the data and practical evidence on what works and not. This is huge and makes all the difference. The rewards for putting in the effort are priceless and transcend and connect areas of your life that might currently be isolated, like your career, love, connections with other people, passions, leadership, relationships, everything. This is a must read for anyone who refuses to settle but wants to fully live, engage and experience everything this life has to offer in an authentic powerful way holding nothing back. Cannot recommend this book enough, it’s one of the best investments you’ll be making for yourself!”

3. By Robert Bartz
“Jason’s wrote a great book here that is basically “how to have an awesome social life 101″. I’ve worked with him and used a number of his suggestions for how to improve your life and it’s amazing how quickly you can create an awesome social life. You do have to take accountability and take action yourself to make it happen, but the advice here is an awesome roadmap for how you can get it done as quickly as possible.”

5. By Christian
“This books is one of the most practical guides to help build your social capital and enjoy the abundance of new opportunities that others will bring into your life.The principles that the author covers in this book should be taught in primary school. It helped me to become the most valuable version of myself, not only to other people but to myself, too. Because he does not only cover the outer work (e.g. conversational manners), but also the inner work (e.g. your mindset) as the most important relationship I will ever have is the relationship I have with myself. The author goes beyond meeting people. He teachs exactly how to naturally connect with people and make them trust you instantly, no matter how high their social status or economic situation might be. Very inspirational. I couldn’t put the book down (figuratively speaking because I read the online version). By following the author guidelines I have taken my relationships to the next level and high-valuable people enjoy my company and want to help me to achieve my goals. Highly recommend getting the book. Looking forward to the followup books!”

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