Best Funny Engineering Quotes

Best Funny Engineering Quotes

Funny engineering quotes are a collection of sayings about engineers and engineering that are very hilarious and truly a good read. It is amazing that almost anything is made fun of and engineering doesn’t escape the list. You just have to read these funny quotes about engineering. You can also read funny car quotes and cousin quotes if you love humor. See some amazing funny engineering quotes below.

Funny Engineering Quotes

Funny Engineering Jokes

Funny engineering jokes are the same as the quotes you would have read above. The sayings that you read I am sure some of them blew your mind. A good joke can do wonders for the body and I am sure any engineer would appreciate the humor found in these quotes. It is all about spreading joy so I hope these funny engineer jokes really make someone’s day. You may also find cooking quotes fun to read.

Funny Civil Engineering Quotes

Funny civil engineering quotes can be found in the quotes above. No please, no one is picking on the civil engineers. For me, all are engineers whether civil or otherwise, but who am I to conclude that right? The quotes are funny and I hope you found each one delightful to read and had a blast scouring through the list. I hope that you were inspired by these funny engineering quotes, go, and do yourself proud.

“Engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural resources to the benefit of man.”

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